Lemon balm


Fruit extract


With Strawberry and mint flavour





No added sugars


Caffeine free




Low in calories



Key features


Healthy relaxation

Zenpure Rooibos is a healthy alternative for those who need to relax and take care of themselves – inside and outside:

  • A soft drink with a more relaxing formula combining lemon balm, chamomile and rooibos.
  • A beverage with natural ingredients and healthy properties.
  • Non-drowsy. Its calming effect can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime.
  • Suitable for all audiences, with no negative side effects.

Why Rooibos?

Rooibos is a South African shrub that gives a sweet and fruity red infusion used mainly for its relaxing properties. Although it is popularly known as rooibos tea, it is not a true tea but an herbal infusion.